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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Conversation with the Valedictorian

 The valedictorian of FSEGA's Englishline in 2009 was also the Romanian National Spot-Diving Champion for that year,
(Photos all are from Alina's Facebook page.)
and is now a business consultant, a wife, and

the mother of this happy child in Bucharest.

It will be Easter weekend for the Romanians of the Orthodox Christian faith.  Hence, today I had the following chat with my former star student, Alina Meda Sime (AKA, Doamna Boeru):

  • Alina Meda Sime
    • I guess you had Easter last sunday , no?
  • Duncan C. McDougall
    • I cannot say yes. I did not go to church, and I cannot go to the Orthodox services Saturday night, either, because I am teaching all weekend. So I will have to say "Adevarat a înviat!" in a private way. But, He will still hear. Nu este aşa?
  • Alina Meda Sime
    • asa este:)
    • you are still good in Romanian!
  • Duncan C. McDougall
    • I will be staying and teaching at the hotel where Alexandru Mican works. The Silver Fox Inn in Waterville Valley.
    • I am learning more Romanian each week. Prof. Alexandra Muțiu is now teaching me here, as well as two UBB grads in our MBA program, and Alexandru.
    • I am holding you and your family in my most special thoughts. May God keep you well and thriving.
  • Alina Meda Sime
    • thank you very much! It means a lot for me!
    • we are thinking of you a lot!
    • at clinceni when I look at our Cessna I always think of you. We are waiting to fly also one day:P
  • Duncan C. McDougall
  • Alina Meda Sime
    • please say hi and also send my best wishes and good luck there and also happy easter
  • Duncan C. McDougall
    • I will do so. Now, tuck in the young men, and get some sleep yourself!
    • Happy Easter, nepoata frumoasa!
  • Alina Meda Sime
    • I just read the story! It is very nice! I didn't knew your mother also flew!
    • I'm going to sleep. have fun to the meeting and also I wish you have a wonderful weekend!
    • Thanks for all the wishes and Happy Easter for you too and all the best to you family!'
  • Duncan C. McDougall
    • Multumesc! Noapte buna!

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