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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alexandra Arrives Tonight!

Our good friend and respected teaching partner (managerial accounting in the Englishline at UBB-FSEGA, 2009) Prof. Dr. Alexandra Ileana Muţiu, has accepted a visiting appointment for the spring term here at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire.
Dr. Muţiu with students at the Botanical Garden in Cluj, October, 2010
Shirl and I will drive to Logan Airport in Boston this afternoon to meet Alexandra's flight from Munich.  Valer Şuteu, a PSU MBA candidate, will come along to help drive home, as his youthful eyes see better at night than do Shirl's and mine, and as Alexandra will probably not want to drive following her long trip from Cluj.

Alexandra, we very much look forward to having you with us here in New Hampshire.  Let's write another article together while you are here!

And to Tibi, Ida and Ingrid, the wonderful family that Alexandra leaves in Cluj for this springtime, we say, "Thank you, very much!"

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