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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ralu Goes to Cluj

Last night I drove Ralu and her masses of luggage to Logan Airport, and saw her off on her journey home.  It was a drizzly night, so when we learned that her British Airways ticket was on a flight operated by American Airlines, we were grateful for the enclosed walkways from Terminal E to Terminal B.  We walked nearly a mile, each of us pushing a full luggage cart.  Ralu got "soaked" not by rain but by AA for a bundle of cash for her extra bags, but the agent was kind enough to ignore the fact that one was 24 pounds (10+ Kg) overweight.  If he hadn't, she'd have returned home $200 poorer.

Shirl was upset last night by the absence of her (fellow night-owl) friend, Raluca.  Our place was too damned quiet.  This must be what an empty nest feels like to an old stork, left behind to winter in Romania.  (Sad image.  I saw one last year.)

This afternoon Ralu reported her safe arrival, bags and all, at home in Cluj.  Farewell, lovely niece.  We love you and we miss you and we wish you great success and happiness.  Keep that gorgeous smile on your face, and in your heart, and you'll do just fine!

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