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Saturday, December 31, 2011

La Mulți Ani, Earth!

Happy New Year!

Shirl and I are celebrating quietly in warm and sunny West Palm Beach, Florida.  Valer Şuteu has been with us on this trip, but tonight he is the guest of the Romanian family in Boynton Beach who are also hosting my Clujian friend Cristina.  We all had dinner last night in the "happening town of Del Ray."  Atlantic Boulevard was lit brightly for Christmas and the holidays, and The Office restaurant turned out to be both Romanian-owned and a source of excellent cuisine.

So, for Shirl and me it will be another quiet New Year's Eve, probably a good thing, as tomorrow we must begin our return drive to the North.

So, in the interest of philosophical consistency, I shall close with my Facebook Status post of the day:

Wishing the whole world a peaceful 2012! (It may take a miracle, but they do happen.) 
With love and respect for my fellow inhabitants of Earth,  

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