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Sunday, September 18, 2011

What I did last Summer 3: Still Downeast in Maine in May

Little Toot?
Still alone in Maine:
After remounting, with Chip Skinner's help, the pond dock to its concrete base at Wick's pond, I took a few shots at Treetops, then rode to Spruce Head, and on into Rockland, and took a few more.
The Cove from Treetops' Deck.  The tide was in.

And six hours later it was out.

Treetops' Deck

My wheels, as seen from the kitchen.

Lobster boat in Spruce Head Harbor

Self explanatory.
McLoon's of Spruce Head

Coast Guard  Cutter in Rockland Harbor. Semper Paratus.
Victory Chimes: a sailing ship, now used for dinner cruises, etc.

She started life as a coastal freighter, hauling lumber.

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