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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Teacher is Eastbound, Yet Again

Today, I confess to being emotionally and professionally stressed.

Most immediately, I am deeply saddened by the death this week of the 25 year-old son of a beloved colleague.  Tom Perkins was a classmate at Plymouth High School of our youngest son, Alex.  The body of Tom Perkins was found Thursday after a three-day search, following an apparent rock-climbing accident while climbing solo on some cliffs in nearby Rumney, New Hampshire.  His father Dan Perkins is a brilliant professor of music at Plymouth State University, and is my friend.  I can only imagine the pain of Dan's loss, and when I do, I weep for him and his family.

My upcoming departure next Tuesday for a week in Eastern Europe also has me emotional, for I will take a few days to visit Cluj, Romania, before seeing to academic duties for the ACBSP at a business school in Budapest, Hungary.  These emotions are pleasant ones, thank God.  I look forward to renewing many friendships in Cluj, insofar as possible in only three days' time.

Then, there is my teaching.  I am happy to report that my two fall online MBA courses are both full, and that my students have proven thus far to be punctual in their posting to case forums, and remarkably willing to dig into the case data, both quantitatively and managerially.  It will take some juggling of my time to keep both courses current while I travel for the next week, but then, past classes have complimented my tap-dancing in the classroom, so how hard can it be to juggle?

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  1. It was an honor to meet you today. My St Bernard, Sweetie, and I are certain it was fate.
    Renee at


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