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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Post-Romanian Cultural Adjustment

It has been difficult these past 15 days.  At first, after arriving early in a snowstorm that closed Logan Airport shortly after our landing, waiting an hour for Shirl and Alex to get to the airport (because driving conditions in New Hampshire were abysmal), and then driving three hours home through the snow, I was merely exhausted.  But soon, the time change proved problematic.  I was awakening at 4:00 AM, (11 AM in Cluj), and bedding down by 8:00 PM (3 AM in Cluj).  In between, my ambition was limited, and I needed a nap each afternoon.  I managed to accomplish the necessities, but little else.  I kept wishing I could call Alexandra and meet for coffee, or drive back to Oaşa and continue my conversation with Father Sava, or to Suceava to see the Moroşans, or have dinner with Moni and Horaţiu, or Melinda, or Valer and Simo, or see Lucian again over pizza, or have lunch with my colleagues Mihaela, Mircea, and/or Marius.  In short, I had left Cluj and Transylvania and Romania behind, without any set plans to return, and the effect was traumatic.

I have had to get my act together professionally, of course.  And this week I made good progress in planning the two online MBA courses that I will be teaching in our spring quarter, which begins on 28 February.  And I have finally begun to sleep on local time.  So, I guess, I have adjusted.

The news of late has been dominated by Egypt's revolution.  I wish that ancient and prestigious nation a positive outcome.

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