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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Missing also the Fulbrighters, and my other Friends in Romania

I have today perceived that some of my friends in Romania might feel slighted by my not listing them in yesterday's post.  The fact is that I miss a rather large number of people there.  Today, I shall acknowledge a few more.   (If I have not included you today or yesterday, please forgive me.)

Dan and Nancy Ratliff, how goes the semester break at UBB?  Are you getting around the country, or will that have to wait for spring?  Cami, I hope your work is proving as rewarding as you'd hoped, and that your applications to medical school will be successful (though I have little doubt that they will be).  Please let me know if I can write you a letter of recommendation.  I think I know you well enough to write honestly, and quite glowingly, about your talent and sense of purpose.

Aline C., I missed seeing you before I left.  I am sorry.  How are you, and how have your creative and art teaching projects progressed?

Connie H., it was fun having my final ciorba de burta of this last stay in Romania with you in Alesd.  See you next fall in Winnetka, God willing!  Meanwhile, let's keep in touch.  I have chatted (in my broken Romanian) with Aurelia B. from Baia Mare a couple of times on Yahoo.  What a fine family she is part of!  Please shoot me an e-mail, as I have forgotten her nickname.

Hanna U., it was a fine dinner meeting we shared last month.  I wish you well in all your ambitions and personal desires.  You are a fine young woman.  I hope we will continue to be in touch.

Simona B., thank you for maintaining our friendship this fall, started back in my Fulbright Year, thanks to our mutual friend, Kathy O.

Similar sentiments of respect and affection are due to Andrei M. in Cluj, to Irinuca T. in Vatra Dornei, to Alexandru, Dan, and Florin at Ecomonica II, to Oana-Maria, Florina P., Sorin, Leonina S., and Vasile T., all of  Cluj, to POP Vasile in Ocna Sugatag, to Augustin and Claudia M. and Teodor, Voica, and Mihaela F. in Bistriţa, and to Nastasia and Nicolae T. in Cluj.  Finally, of course to Raluca UBB/Economica II/Office Depot.

Roxana de Sibiu, over there in China, I will never forget our chats this fall.  What an adventure you lived through!  Please let me hear from you soon.  Has the situation improved over there, as you had hoped it would?

I also want to acknowledge (and record for my aging memory) new friends Lucia S., and Dana and Dane B. of Cluj.

Needless to say, all who work at the Fulbright Commission in Bucharest are included in my thoughts this day.

No doubt I have still left out many in Romania who are important to me.  Such listings are inherently risky, and I apologize if your name is not in this one.  There are a great many in Romania to whom I owe my fine impression of that country, and whom I have come to like, to respect, and to care for.  Be well, Romanian friends!

As some Americans put it, "Y'all come and see us now!   Y'hear?"  We will welcome your visits in New Hampshire.


  1. David Hadaller Fulbrighter 87-88, IasiFebruary 15, 2011 at 2:21 PM

    Well, I wrote here when last you were still in Romania and I was working at MassBay in Wellesley, MA. I see you have been traveling back to Romania in the meantime. Even over Xmas this past year. Excellent!

    I am the fellow who spent a year in Iasi back on a fulbright in 87-88. I married into a Constanta family (still married!) back in 1990, and I believe your comment back in 09 was something like "you really love the romanians." Well, yes, but I just wanted to comment on how great it is for me to see Americans traveling to Romania and celebrating its people and culture. When I came back in 1988, most people thought I had gone to Lhasa, for all they knew.

    All the best. If you are on facebook, I am there: David L. Hadaller. I recently put up some photos I took just after the revolt of 1989.


  2. Hi professor,

    I'm glad that you mentioned me and my brother and I'm glad that I had the chance to meet such a special person. You will always be welcome at our house, anytime.

  3. Good to hear from you. We had to cancel our plans to see Kent, our son, in Cairo; Egypt was preoccupied. So he is now in Cluj with us, thanks to the US Embassy evacuation. We traveled to Botosani, seeing the painted monasteries of Bucovina along the way; and also went to Brasov to visit Bran castle (more for Queen Maria than for Vlad Dracul)and Peles Castle. Cami is in an internship in the American Hospital of Istanbul for Feb. So...Life Goes On.

  4. Glad to have you back!

  5. Dear Shirl,
    God, am I glad to hear that!
    Love, Duncan


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