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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bogártelke, Judeţ Cluj, Romania

This past weekend I was privileged to visit the village of Băgara, (in Hungarian, Bogártelke), the boyhood home of my UBB colleague Szilveszter Fekete.  You know how I love to meet new people and see new places, so you will not be surprised to learn that it was a good experience.  The weekend began at the Hungarian high school in Cluj, where we attended FEKETE Balázs's folk dance recital, followed by pizza at the Havana Restaurant, atop P-ta. Mihai Viteazul's parking garage.  The views of downtown Cluj from this perch are quite beautiful this season, with Christmas lights aglow in the Squares.  Unfortunately, I had left my camera at home.

On Saturday we drove west some 30 Km to Bogártelke, where I met Szil's parents, and we both walked around town a bit, and visited another village, Inaktelke (in Hungarian), or in Romanian, Inucu.  This region in Cluj County is strongly loyal to its beautiful Hungarian traditions.  Hungarian is the first language of the villages, and the red, green and white colors of Hungary are everywhere, save in the flags flying from the telephone poles. 
The Fekete Clan, displaying the magnificent dress saved for formal occasions.

Tamás (Tomi)

Erika and sons, Balázs and Tomi

Bogártelke, Romania

In the Reformed Church, the blossoms ignore winter.

Szil moonlights as an organist in his church.

The Reformed Church in Bogártelke

Former Mayor Mr. FEKETE PALI-PISTA János, and his handsome town.

Traditional architeture here emphasized woodworking skills.

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