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Monday, October 11, 2010

And Ended in Judeţul Bistriţa-Nasaud

Sunday dawned bright and sunny, and warmer than had been our week.  I was still hunting for a particular old case study that I wanted to assign to my Labor Management students this week.  It is one I wrote when I worked for Wick Skinner at HBS, way back in 1970-71, but it is a good workforce management case called, "United Vehicle Corporation - Metal Stanping Division."  I had used it at UBB in 2008, but couldn't find a copy at home before coming over, and neither Moni nor Meli could find it in their archives.

So, as it happened, I mentioned my case study search to Dora Faur on Sunday morning.  She told me she thought she had a copy in her files at home in Bistriţa.  "Want to take a ride on this beautiful Sunday?"  I asked.  Hence the following pictures of Dora's family, Alexandru M.'s family, and Dora's ancestral home in Budeşti, where she lived for the first three years of her life with her grandparents.  Note that her maternal Grandfather makes his own wine, with the help of a neighbor lad, and that her Grandfather Faur owns a Jeep Cherokee (above), of which he is quite proud, as well as a colorful tractor (below).

Augustin MICAN

Raluca Teodora and Teodor FAUR, Doamna Claudia and Augustin MICAN
Dora Above Birthplace: Budeşti, Judeţul Bistriţa-Nasaud

Grandfather's Farm

Learning to make wine

Material handling, country style.

Doamna FAUR's Dad, at his home.

Grandfather FAUR with Raluca Teodora.

We headed home at dusk, along with the cows.
It was a good weekend.  And Dora had the case in her files!

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  1. Awesome, and someone (not Duncan) is knock-out beautiful!


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