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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Splittin' for Greeners

Shirl leaves tomorrow to visit Piper in Aspen, and Christal, John, and Hannah in Boulder, Colorado. 

Yours truly leaves tomorrow for Stuttgart to see the Schmid family, and to pick up Klaus, who has new knees.  From there I am off to Romania on Friday.

Da da da da.  Romania, again.  You may find that tedious blogging, but I am very much looking forward to returning to teach again at UBB-Cluj.  And to seeing my friends there.  And to attending the fall Fulbright Orientation in Bucharest on October 6 (Shirl's and my 37th Anniversary). 

Shirl, my love, on our 35th you promised me thirty-five more.  I want you to know that I am holding you to that!


  1. Love the last phrase guys... I hope that actually happens !!!

  2. And I am holding you to your promise of 35 more years. I love you!

  3. Now that is sooooo cute !!!!


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