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Sunday, September 26, 2010

In Cluj

Klaus at Economica II
Like a moth to the flame, I returned to Cluj-Napoca.  I already miss Shirl, but otherwise am comfortably housed in Economica 2, a brand new graduate dormitory, with a large room, all to myself.  After awakening at 3:00 AM shaky (sugar very low at 55 mg/dl), I drank some OJ I had bought yesterday for just such an occasion, and then slept until 11:30 this Sunday AM.

I met with Raluca (Dora) F. (see Link) upon arrival yesterday.  She is living on the 11th floor here.  I am on the 2nd.  We walked to Auchan at Iulius Mall, where we shopped a bit and had dinner in the Food Court.  Dora is her beautiful and warm-hearted self.  We learned by phone while together that her mother (from Bistrita) fell yesterday while helping with the harvest at her mother's farm, and suffered a fracture of her right forearm.  I reassured Dora that, while painful, a simple fracture would heal in six or eight weeks, and that her arm should then be good as new.  (Experience talking!)

Today I have just had coffee with Mihaela L, and arranged for opening ceremonies at FSEGA tomorrow.  I need my business suit, so have invited Horatius F. and Monica Z. for pizza tonight.  Moni was keeping my business suit and household supplies, which she offered to do when Shirl and I moved from our apartment last June.  No answer, yet, on that invitation.  But between now and dinner, I am meeting for coffee with Alexandra at her favorite: Starbucks.

Tomorrow, I hope to meet with Lucian B., and possibly my colleagues at European Studies.  Tomorrow night at 1:00 AM I have my chat session with my PSU online MBA students.

At this pace, I will lose ten pound in the first week here.

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  1. 10 pounds ... so will that suit fit better or worse at that lower weight ??
    Congratulations on your safe arrival, including the cross-borders transit via Klaus ... still purring like a big red cat one presumes.

    Pat in Illinois


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