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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stroke Update: Thoughts of Saturday Evening, 25 February 2017

As I reported in Facebook, I turned 73.5 years old today.😉

Next Friday it will be six months since I experienced the first symptoms of my stroke.  I sit here at my laptop and type in Blogger, largely with my left hand, but actually assisting with my right.  I am able to walk.  Today I drove my sweet old Hyundai Santa Fe to Walmart in Plymouth, then eschewed the powered carts and walked a regular shopping cart to both ends of the store in order to fulfill Shirl's list.  For a guy whose right limbs were totally non-functioning last September 5th (two days into my stroke experience), I consider myself blessed.  I was hemiplegic.  Now, I am much better-off.

Moving and using my right arm and hand still are challenging, and subject to limits of flexibility causing pain when I try to extend them.  My walk still has a bit of a limp to it, and my balance is still imperfect, making the use of a cane helpful.  But I can walk!  And I can wash with both hands!  And I see improvement every week!

Praise be to God!  And to all my loyal friends and family, thank you for your support!


  1. I'm sure that with your determination, loving wife and great friends. you will succeed.

  2. Such good news, Duncan. Preserver!

  3. May you continue to improve. Prayers coming your way.



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