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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ears Too? Ya!

A couple of weeks ago I received an invitation to an open house at the local Miracle Ear center in Plymouth, NH.  It had been at least three years since I last had my hearing checked, so I accepted the invitation, and today went in for the exam.

My younger brother wears hearing aids, and recommends them highly.

Thus, I met the local Miracle Ear salesman/licensed hearing technician, Mr. Jay Marsden.  Jay is a former professional golfer.  He is, perhaps, forty-five years of age, and both handsome and intelligent.  He and his assistant, also a certified technician, devoted a full hour to my hearing status, not only testing me, but also educating me about the anatomy of the ear, and how our ears receive and convert pressure waves in the atmosphere (sounds) into nerve signals that the brain can understand and interpret.

Nadia Comaneci on Balance Beam
We also talked about golf, about Jordan Spieth, and what a terrific performance he has had in three consecutive Masters tournaments.  Then, we talked about life in general, and I mentioned my recent career as a Romanophile, having visited Romania for eight consecutive years.  At that, his eyes lit up, and he said, "Nadia Comaneci is from Romania.  I have met her."

That led me to tell about my affinity for gymnasts and gymnastics, as I was myself a champion springboard diver in my youth, and about my perception that Romanian womanhood tends to be the most beautiful, smartest, and most charming of that from any nation I have ever visited.

Jay concurred, recalling several other Romanian women he has known, even though I have not yet committed to spending a few thousand dollars for a hearing aid at Miracle Ear. ;-)

A perfect 10!

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