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Monday, August 17, 2015

A Facebook Post that Got me Record "Likes" (plus some pictures)

My wife, my family, my friends, my profession, my travels, my sports, my laughs! All these and more flood my mind as I contemplate having but ten days till I shall celebrate having breathed Earth's air for years three-score-and-twelve. I have not deserved such a life, but I shall be eternally grateful to God for it. Shirley, you deserve very special thanks. I do not know how you have put up with me. Let this message be your sincere and public thanks from your husband. I love you.
Shirl, in Florida on our spring break trip with Valer Șuteu

My youngest son alex, 30. (Photo by Erin Paul.)

A  Baby Grandchild (Is this Brynnie?)
Holding Angus along with son Jesse, 36.

Valer and Shirl on that beach in Florida.

Cally and Angus

On a visit with Joe McCloskey, 90+. in Evanston, Illinois.
My beloved Shirl on Jamie's pond-side lawn.

And a few pictures taken in Romania!

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