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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Three Generations

Three generations of McDougall Men, Dadiu (71), Jesse (36) and Angus (1)
Jesse and Cally came over from Vermont last Sunday, bringing their son Angus, soon to turn one. They also brought an organically grown turkey, raised on their farm, to cook on Monday for our four-day-late Thanksgiving celebration, Still further, they brought us a good-sized sample of just about every kind of meat recently harvested from this year's four pigs, also raised on the farm.  The pigs and the turkeys were their first since their taking over as managers of The Pullman Farm.

With Jesse and Cally of The Pullman Farm
If the turkey is an indicator of the farm's quality, the pork will be sensational!

The star of the celebration was Angus, a solid little fellow who weighs more than he looks like he weighs (a characteristic that he comes by honestly).

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