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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Farewell Dinner at Pensiunea Lara

In the hills southwest of Cluj there is a valley known as Valea Ierii.  In that secluded, heavily wooded vale sits a resort named Pensiunea Lara.  Yesterday, some good friends invited me to dine with them in that special place, and thus to part from Romania with yet another new experience.

This inn is a place of beauty and grace, making creative use of the clear springs that flow endlessly from the surrounding mountainsides.  It was a super afternoon.  Here are more views of the place, and of our party.
Moni and Horațius, a handsome couple, indeed!

My friends Florina and Moni flank the baby seat

Amamaria the beautiful

Conductor Horațius

Madonna Monica and child

Nice country home seen along the road to Valea Ierii

There were shepherds abiding in these fields...

Several horses by the road were enjoying this lovely spring day.

Horațiu's new Suzuki SUV brought us all from Cluj

Idyllic architecture

Fish pond

Wooden sluices border...

The path to the parking area

Were we in Hobbiton? (Guess not, no round doors in sight.)

What is this stuff on your face, Uncle Duncan?

Proud Papa Horațius

Happy baby Anamaria

Florina Frumoasa

My first meal beneath a sod roof.

Oh, oh!  What have we here?

Three kids on a see-saw.

My new buddy.  I wanted to tale him home!

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