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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Morning on Skype with Daniel Rusu

[9:52:44 AM] Duncan McDougall: Hello from Cherbourg, Normndie, France
[9:54:59 AM] Daniel Rusu: Wow, now that's a greeting :)
[9:55:05 AM] Daniel Rusu: how are you friends?
[9:56:20 AM] Duncan McDougall: Foarte bine, mulțumesc!
[9:56:23 AM] Duncan McDougall: Și tu?
[9:56:56 AM] Duncan McDougall: Frankly, I can't wait to get out of the Eurozone!
[9:57:06 AM] Duncan McDougall: (rofl)
[9:58:59 AM] Daniel Rusu: (rofl)
[10:00:20 AM] Daniel Rusu: can't be that bad... there's so many  people trying to  go there
[10:00:31 AM] Daniel Rusu: but are you having fun?
[10:01:44 AM] Duncan McDougall: Visiting the graves of 9000 American soldiers, sailors and airmen?  Only fun in Săpănța.
[10:02:33 AM] Duncan McDougall: Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc are terrifying.  D-Day was an enormous undertaking.
[10:03:35 AM] Duncan McDougall: Utah Beach is less so, because it was less well-defended, and was a quite successful debarkation point.

(More news in the posts that will follow.)

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