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Friday, March 29, 2013

Alex's Untitled Poem of 3-29-2013

     The universe is a beautiful chaos.
     No one knows where each raindrop will fall,
How a tree will branch as it grows, the path
a human will take.

     Each atom to each star, we are dancing, mad
and oblivious.  The future is an eternal mystery,
and I am grateful for that.

     It is not necessary to succeed, nor is it

shameful to fail.  It is enough to live well,
and appreciate each moment as it passes.

     Joy is the currency of man.  In order to

earn it, you must give it away.  This process
is known as love.

     No sin is greater than turning your back on love.

Without it, the chaos is bleak and terrifying.
With it, we can see.

     Water doesn't hesitate to join its brothers,

why do we?  A tree surrounds itself with 
family, and does not care how tall it grows.

     We think too much, and tell each other lies.

We can be smarter than that.  The truth was there
before we ever spoke.

By Alexander Barclay McDougall, 29 March 2013.
Copyright 2013 by the author.  All rights reserved.
Quotation is permitted with full citation of the poet, Alex McDougall, 
and of this blog page.

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