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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A3 and Friends in Campton

Alexandra and Shirl
It is springtime in New Hampshire.  Our lives have been blessed this year with the presence of Alexandra Muţiu (whom Shirl has dubbed "A3," to distinguish her from the two "Alexes," McDougall and Mican, already hereabout).   A3 is working as a visiting professor at Plymouth State University, but gracing the Hotel New Hampshire on many evenings for a cup (or three) of herbal tea.

Here are a few snapshots of A3 and her Campton friends.
A3 and Vali on Clatita Night, 6 May 2012!
Valer Olimpiu Şuteu, MBA candidate extraordinaire, flips o clatita in bucateria nostra.
Shirl, Trot and A3 (from left to right)
A3 has become one of Trot's favorite people.
That tree was in full bloom for almost two weeks this year.  (And A3 likes driving my 20 year-old Honda tractor.)


  1. Can A3 stay as our gardener? Please???

    1. Hmmmm. Okay with me, but there might be a few considerations from A3's viewpoint.


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