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Monday, May 23, 2011


I am saddened by the news of the Joplin Tornado of 22 May, 2011.  My prayers are with those who have lost their homes and businesses and especially with those who have lost loved ones.

Fulbright-Romania colleague Charles Harris, my good friend who taught for four semesters in Sibiu between 2008 and 2010, reported at about 9:00 A.M. CDT today (on Facebook), as follows:

Charles Harris: I am praying for my family in Joplin, Missouri. My older sister, Sally, is still missing. The rest of the family seems to be okay, but homeless due to the damage from the tornado. Please join me in praying for all of those affected by this tragedy.

And just an hour ago he added:

Charles Harris Dear Friends, 2 independent witness reports say my sister, Sally, is dead. Official confirmation will require DNA tests, fingerprints, photo recognition, etc. The rest of the family is okay, but, as I said before, homeless due to the destruction in Joplin. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers at this time!

May God be with us all, and may He bring solace and peace to Charles and to the Harris family in the days to come.  Amen.

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  1. Duncan,

    I am sad to report that my older sister, Sally, is dead. We have received official confirmation of her death.

    Sally had many passions in life, but none greater than her family. Mostly she was extremely proud of her daughter; never missing an opportunity to share with others her daughter’s accomplishments. Her love of family, however, extended further. She was active in the lives of all her brothers and sisters and their respective families. Sally was a loyal and devoted friend, with a quick wit and a cheerful smile. She was a caring person, and spread love and good humor to family, friends, and strangers, alike. As a proud veteran, she was always interested in and championed veterans services, both government and private. Other passions included yard and housework, finding bargains at local garage and yard sales, card and board games, British television shows, the music of Enya, and good theater. It is this last passion, the love of good theater, which brought Sally to Stain Glass Theater of Joplin. An active thespian during her high school days, she had returned to one of her favorite passions at the end of her life.

    She will be missed!



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