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Friday, April 29, 2011

Parallel musings: Two stories sandwiching a lecturette.

Today I discovered a blog by a fellow named Andy H.  It appears he and I have dealt with similar topics.  Here is a link to the post in his blog that caught my interest: Csíkszereda musings: A story.

Here is a link to an old post from "A Fulbright Year in Romania" that seems to me to be somewhat in parallel to Andy's musings.

I especially admire Andy H. for this line in his blog's heading: "I reserve the right to go off topic and talk about anything I damn well like."

Hang tough, Andy!  I hope that we can meet one day, perhaps at Praid, for a salty conversation.


  1. well we all know what "Morania" stands for. And the irony and sarcasm at the beginning of Andy's post saying "This is an entirely fictional post about a made up country which is not in any way based on reality, no sirree." well...let's just say it's not pleasant. In any way, I don't know why, I didn't have a nice feeling reading it...

  2. Dear "Anonymous,"

    I respect your feeling ill-at-ease, and have published your honest comment even though you did not see fit to sign it. (I rarely do so.)

    Speaking for myself, however, I see Andy's sarcastic piece as critical of all institutionalized discrimination against any minority, and critical of the refusal of politically cowed people to recognize merit and reward an outstanding personal contribution to one's team and country, simply because of the individual's race, creed, or ethnicity. I share Andy's disdain for prejudice, so have linked my blog to his piece.


  3. My apologies. I wrote the comment above and I am not afraid to claim it. I still stand to what I said above.
    Let me add this: it would be no discrimination if they would try to live in peace. You cannot expect Morania to just let their country be taken away.


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