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Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Happy Day in Westboro

We had a scare early last week.  Shirl's sister Joan called Monday evening, and reported that she and her husband Dick were taking Barbara Kimball, Shirl's 95 year-old mother, to the hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts.

We knew Barbara as a remarkably healthy woman for her age, who had never used alcohol or tobacco, and who still had a sharp mind and ironic wit, not unlike her younger daughter Shirley.  But that night Barbara was bleeding.  On coumadin for a few years to prevent blood clots, her bleeding was at a frightening rate, and Joan Cichowski, Shirl's older sister, a nurse practicioner who has lived at home with her Mom ever since her father Basil Kimball died some 20 years ago, quickly decided that a trip to the hospital was indicated.

After evaluation at the Emergency Room, Barbara was admitted at Memorial Hospital.  There was talk of possible cancer, and a biopsy was ordered.  Shirl drove the 140 miles (~210 Km) to Worcester the next morning.  Her brother David Kimball, Barbara's only son, came down from Vermont. I told Shirl to call me and I'd be there, if ever she needed or wanted me to come.  She promised me she would do so.

Six days later, I drove today to see Barbara and Shirl at the wonderful nursing home in Westboro to which Barbara had been transferred on Thursday.  I took this happy picture.

Shirl and Barbara
We spent the afternoon with Barbara, and actually witnessed her taking three walks up and down the hall with a physical therapist.  We talked, and talked, not only with each other, but also with Barbara's two roommates and their visitors.  As you can see, Barbara looks great.  The crisis is now over.  The biopses appear negative (though more test results are due tomorrow).

Needless to say, I was very happy to see my mother-in-law looking so chipper.  After all, there is only one woman alive who loves me as much as Barbara Kimball does. Here is her picture.  ;-)  

Shirl and SOL

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