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Friday, July 23, 2010


My oldest son is named Brian D. McDougall.  He is a professional product-photographer, an artist, an accomplished musician and arranger, and a sound technician, and is married to the beautiful and also multi-talented Nika Garcia.  They live in Miami, Florida.  Yesterday I drove to Boston to meet Bri's plane at Logan Airport, and am thrilled to have him visiting here in New Hampshire for several days.  This morning I dropped him on the Kancamagus Highway at the head of the trail up into the Pemigewasset Wilderness.  Brian intends to hike about twenty miles today, taking photos along the way.  Why did I not walk along?  Well, for one thing, his trail leads up to the summit of Mt. Bond, at 4700 Ft. MSL, whereas my arthritic right hip didn't like my climbing up just two flights of stairs to our apartment in Cluj.  I used to make such White Mountain hikes, though.  My first set of Limmer boots had to be resoled, twice.

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